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Capitol Cups by Spirit USA Fundraising

Brax Cups

Capitol Cups and BRAX Ltd. have teamed up to help organizations across the U.S. raise money by offering Spirit Cups as a unique tool for fundraising.

Spirit Cups feature a choice of all 32 NFL teams, all 30 MLB teams, over 70 college teams and the U.S. Military.

In addition to these great licenses, the cups are highlighted by amazing lenticular 3-D graphics. The 18 oz. heavy plastic cups are dishwasher safe (top shelf recommended), made in the USA, and recyclable. They are shipped as single team four-packs, with each pack generating up to $6 dollars profit for the organization.

There is no doubt each organization's customers will be pleased with this product, most organizations have found that the cups sell themselves because who doesn't have a favorite team?

And best of all, there are no upfront costs.

Please visit for more fundraising-related information.

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