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Marketing Programs

Not sure exactly how your company could utilize Capitol Cups in your next marketing campaign or brand-building program? We're happy to share our experience and expertise. Contact us to develop your own successful marketing program!

Capitol cups are the perfect vehicle for new product introductions. The full wrap imprint area is ideal to illustrate product features and benefits. The durable imprint and reusable cup continue to build brand recognition and loyalty long after your promotion has ended.

With Capitol's photo-quality, high-definition printing, our drinkware also becomes the perfect showcase for people-oriented graphics (customer service teams, business groups, sports teams) and event or location-oriented graphics (grand-openings, highlighting new and/or multiple locations, training seminars, conferences and meetings, hotels and travel/vacation destinations, sporting and entertainment events, and attractions such as amusement parks, zoos, and museums).

Following are just some of the ways to successfully market a brand or promotion using Capitol Cups. If you'd like to share your own promotional success story with a Capitol cup, Contact Us - we'd love to hear about it!

Convenience Stores

Coffee & Paper Cross-Promotion

A local newspaper wanted to promote its weekend edition, so it worked with a large convenience store chain on a unique cross-promotion. With the purchase of the weekend newspaper, customers would receive a free Easy Traveler™ insulated travel cup, filled with coffee.

Customers could reuse and refill their cup at a discount. The refill program continued to promote their brand and encourage customer loyalty and repeat business long after the promotion ended.


Collegiate Carry-A-Cup Program

A large university wanted to encourage students and faculty to go beyond recycling to actual waste reduction by drastically reducing the use of disposable paper coffee cups. The average college student disposes of an estimated 500 cups a year. If every person on campus uses one disposable cup a day, that's over 20,000 per day, which adds up to over 5 million per year. Paper cups waste trees, dump harmful chemicals into the environment during manufacturing, and then end up in the landfill because their inner wax coating renders them non-recyclable.

The university program offered the Easy Traveler™ insulated travel cup for sale at a discounted price in several locations across the campus (the library café, the campus center coffee shop and the student union). The owner of the cup then received a discount on all coffee and fountain drinks purchased on campus and even at participating off-campus merchants within a ten-mile radius.

With students and faculty using a refillable mug at least once a day, instead of disposable cups, the university achieved its goal of saving thousands of disposable cups a day and millions per year.

Food Service Provider Serves Up Sustainability

The food service provider for a large university launched a conservation and waste reduction campaign which included sustainability initiatives such as donating unused food to local shelters and food banks, donating coffee grounds for local farmers to use as fertilizer, and promoting a reusable cup to replace disposable cups.

The food service provider partnered with a national beverage company to offer a reusable cold beverage cup for all campus dining locations serving fountain beverages. The cups were available for purchase at nine different spots on campus and customers who reused their cup received a 50-cent discount on their drink. The cup sale was combined with signage about waste reduction to education the consumers.

Hotels & Hospitality

A Hotel Hits the Road

Capitol worked with a major hotel chain to develop an in-room program, geared especially to business travelers. As a convenience to guests, the hotel offered The Easy Traveler™ insulated cup next to its in-room coffeemakers. The $2.00 cost could be paid in cash or applied to the room charge, and guests had the convenience of being able to take their coffee on the road. And of course the branded cups also promoted the hotel each time they left the premises.

Hilton ToledoTag


Conferences & Conventions

Tech Conference Talks Conservation

In response to attendee suggestions, an international technology group decided to "go green" for their upcoming conference. In addition to holding the conference at a green-friendly hotel, conference material being delivered electronically or printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink, and the use of 100% renewable power onsite, the company also provided reusable cups to all attendees as an alternative to disposable cups. The cups could be filled at no charge from various beverages stations.

Capitol Idea: The insulated cup is the ideal vehicle on which to print meeting information, highlight speakers of note, even list key events on the agenda so its always on-hand, or rather, in-hand! The cup becomes a collectible reminder of the event.

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