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Top 10 Reasons the Easy Traveler™ lid is Spill & Leak Proof

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We love our spill & leak proof Easy Traveler™ lid. 
Here are our top 10 reasons why. 
  1. We all have our clumsy days; the walls and floors do not deserve to be covered in coffee.
  2. We travel! It’s much easier to pack a spill and leak proof cup and fill it after the security check.  Then you can navigate the isles without casualties, and you and your travel companions are safe from turbulence related spills.
  3. You like your coffee hot, but you don’t need the burns to prove it.
  4. Road bumps do not care that you are attempting to have a relaxing cup of coffee (to be able to tolerate the madness at the office).  They appear, and create a tidal wave effect in your coffee cup, creating a tide pool in your cup holder.
  5. The cup you left on the roof of the car suddenly falls through open sun roof.
  6. No need to arrive for the big job interview with brown stains on your crisp white shirt.
  7. Little Johnny can’t manage to keep any beverage horizontal—keep spills at bay.
  8. The subway is crowded and known to make sudden stops.  No one wants your coffee tossed on them.
  9. The person in front of you doesn’t always hold the door.  Crash!
  10.  You just printed that important presentation and tip over your coffee as you reach for the phone, but your supervisor shouldn’t be able to tell.

Extend the Life of your Reusable Polypropylene Travel Cup

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All Capitol Cups are manufactured with Polypropylene (PP) #5.  We believe manufacturing our cups from PP is the best option to provide our customers chemical free, quality products.  The greatest benefit of PP is it is BPA and Phthalates free. An additional benefit is it is recyclable. Most municipalities recycle PP, however if your town does not, we have some great ideas to extend the life of your cup and keep it out of the landfill.

Inevitably, you will fall in Love with a new Easy Traveler™ design, so what do you do with previous designs that never ware out?

Clever ideas to reuse your Easy Traveler™:

  1. A home for those small items that always seem to be misplaced
    • Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and other hardware items
    • Twist ties, rubber bands, paper clips, pens & pencils, and other office desk supplies
    • Buttons, needles, thread, etc. for a mini sewing kit
    • Children’s small toys
    • The options are endless – send us your ideas!
  2. As a scooper for…
    • Potting soil
    • Dog or Cat food (or other animal feed)
  3. A watering “cup” for household or potted plants
  4. Since we mentioned scooping soil and watering plants, why not repurpose it into a flower pot or use as a vase (if you have a black thumb, you may want to use it for a fake floral arrangement)
  5. You already know it’s great for holding beverages on the go, so why not snacks like trail mix, cereal, candies.

Not a fan of repurposing the cup with its current graphics? Wrap yarn or scrapbook paper around it and “Tada!” it’s an entirely new item! (See more ideas on our Pinterest board "Saving Planet Earth - One Cup at a Time."

Saving Planet Earth

American Innovations - Environmental Solutions

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As the focus of the world shifts to environmental concerns Capitol Cups of Auburn, Alabama has a solution for its customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Capitol’s refillable Easy Traveler™ cups are manufactured from polypropylene (PP) and have a recyclable resin code (5). The Capitol Cup is BPA (Bisphenol – A) and Phthalates FREE.

Capitol Cups believes that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.


The Facts:

- The average American office worker goes through around 500 disposable cups every year.

- About eighteen percent of garbage we produce is composed of disposable containers, of which hot beverage cups represent a large portion.

- Styrofoam cups are the worst culprits, as it never degrades. Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups every ear. Even 500 years from now, the foam coffee cup you used this morning will be sitting in a landfill somewhere. -The Recycler's Handbook


Refillable cups reduce the individual waste stream. Capitol Cups are refillable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.  Capitol Cups are manufactured in the USA, thereby reducing their transportation impact.

Capitol continues to search for innovations to reduce their carbon footprint. In their Alabama plants all rejected cups are ground and returned to the recycler. In 2013 Capitol will embark on a program to capture the data to develop a formal and ongoing program to measure their environmental impact and take appropriate steps to decrease their carbon footprint. Capitol’s goal is “Saving Planet Earth – One Cup at a Time”.

 Today, many consumers want to do whatever they can to save money for their families and if it helps the environment it is an added bonus.  Capitol believes helping retailers deliver savings to their customers and achieve their sustainability goals builds their image.


The benefits:

1.      Efficient consumer awareness, each time the customer uses the Easy Traveler™ it promotes brand awareness/preference to the user and those who see them.  Given the frequency of coffee consumption, this creates a large number of low cost impressions. It also communicates identification with positive values of sustainability.

2.      Reinforces the image of good taste, value and concern for the environment.

3.      Shared cause strengthens customer relationship


The Capitol Cup Programs:

1.      Cafés can design their cups with an environmental graphic message. Image s should be bright and fun. The graphic should share the information that the owner feels is relevant.

2.      Social responsibility program: customer purchases the initial reusable cup and the Café contributes a percent of the sale to a local or national environmental program. To encourage ongoing use of the cup and increase profits through a coffee refill program Cafés can contribute an additional percent to a sustainability program. This is a win for the Café because they save the cost of the refill disposable cup and sleeve.

3.      Café can choose to give their loyal customers the environmental cup as a gift and encourage them to use it each time they refill.

4.      Café can provide local corporate offices cups for employees with a coupon inviting them to join their sustainability program and offering the first fill free.

5.      Café can offer local College and Universities discounted cups for their campus sustainability programs and discounted refills.

6.      Earth Day celebrations every day – any customer who uses the Café’s green cup on specific day and day part will receive a free coffee.


The Lesson:

“It’s a new reality that manufacturers and retailers will need to address with new products and unique assortments to tap into emerging growth potential,” said Salzman. “Safeguarding the environment in whatever small way is becoming a consumer priority.” Source: NACS Online


Every time we use a refillable cup, we reduce the individual waste stream.

Waste reduction is good for the environment and the bottom line.

This is what our Capitol Cups customers tell us ….


“God Bless America! And God Bless you Capitol Cups! I received one of your cups at a Tim Horton's here in Livonia, Michigan. I got it free for loading a card with $10. I am always looking to see where these promotional items, and pretty much everything else I buy, are made. To my AMAZEMENT, I found on the bottom of your cup the "Made in the USA" mark. Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes….”

Pamela Carney via Capitol Cups Facebook

A "Greener" Thanksgiving

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Pinecone Turkey

The countdown is on! Just two days left before casseroles are in the oven, the turkey is carved, and families join together to give thanks.  In the midst of the chaos, we can often lose sight of our "green" initiatives.  We've researched and found four great websites providing information on how to conserve energy, reduce waste, and stay "green" during the holidays. : Providing tips on reducing your energy costs. : 10 tips on reducing food waste. : Traveling?  Change your transportation method and conserve energy. : 10 practical tips on saving time and waste during the season.

A few basic tips to remember:
-Reduce your transportation.
-Decorate with nature--beautiful and inexpensive.
-Buy locally grown foods; reduce energy costs by not overheating elements; and make the most of leftovers!

Wishing everyone safe travels and delicious meals as you join together this Thanksgiving!


Capitol Cups and Operation Homefront

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It’s easy to read our website, look at photos of previously designed cups, and take a peek at the “About Us” section to get a feel for what Capitol Cups is; but that’s not where we end.

We aim to provide our customers with more than a durable, reusable cup that happens to be a mini-billboard for their business.  If your business, large or small, is using the Easy Traveler to promote an event, great deals, or yourself, we want to be available to provide related information on sustainability, innovation, and the various industries we serve.  We are more than a cup.  For the customers that daily use the amazing cups they purchased from their favorite coffee shop or were given by the new firm down the street, we want to provide information about American innovation, reducing waste through recycling, and CCI’s involvement in these initiatives.

As a traditional Business-2-Business company, we regularly attend trade shows looking for…well…you!  Are you in need of a new approach to promotions?  Do you currently have customer giveaways or a refill station?  If so, Capitol Cups is able to provide a unique approach to advertising for your business.

Recently, at NACS, we were able to introduce our newest product and service initiative with Operation Homefront.  Providing small convenience stores the opportunity to make a difference and provide customers a unique product.

Operation Homefront resized 600

Operation Homefront provides emergency financial and other assistance to our service members, wounded warriors, and their families.  Through our program, OH will receive a portion of the sales from the Operation Homefront travel cup to aid in supporting our troops and their families.  The program is a simple way Capitol Cups can contribute to the support of the men, women, and children who sacrifice through service.  It is not only the service member who joins the military, but the entire family.  Our customers will also be able to support the cause through promotions with the program in their local businesses, spreading the word about the great service OH provides our military.  We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to a successful initiative with OH.

During your next coffee break, as you admire your American made cup that has kept your coffee steaming and prevented your desk from being a small coffee pond, remember we are not only ingenuity, innovation, and sustainability, we are an American company, supporting local families, businesses, their customers, and now our military service members!

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